A Father's Love | Missing Grace

I love you Princess and miss you so very much

My dearest Grace, I miss you so much every day.

The pain of missing you hits me each morning before I’m fully awake. The reality of your absence is renewed each morning as I walk past your bathroom and remember the daily dialogue we’d share. It would begin when you’d call to me with a “Good Morning Pa!”, so excited for the new day and always with your joyful morning voice. But now the silence takes my breath away and the realization you’re gone hits me hard.

I long to be able to reply, just one more time, with “Good morning Grace Katherine, how did you sleep?” and hear your enthusiastic response, “GOOD”.

My days will never be the same without our daily conversations. We had our daily, very detailed routine and I find myself missing you and the moments we shared each day.

I miss the way you “helped” me make breakfast, reminding me to stir the eggs so they would not burn and telling me that you wanted cheese.

I miss you asking “You take me to school?”. I loved when I was able to tell you “Yes”. You were never disappointed with my answer but I cherished the occasions I was able to take you to your school.

I miss the way you asked me to tell Bear good morning and I love you with a blown kiss, they way you asked me in the car if I needed the sun visor, “You use this?”, and I did every time rain or shine and I miss your excitement at seeing your helper’s car, “I see it”.

I miss walking you to the curb and getting one of your big strong hugs and a kiss, I miss the wave goodbye that would follow and then you blowing me a kiss and signing ‘I love you’ as I walked towards the car.

I miss hearing you cheerfully say “Have a good day Pa”.

That is a lot of missing before 7:30am but just about anything can fill me with the sorrow of missing you and simultaneously bring a smile to my face as I remember the happiness you brought to my life and the life of all the family and friends who love you, now and forever.

I love you Princess and miss you so very much,